Our Curriculum

Academically we grow through literacy, math, science, and social studies by learning the letters and their sounds, becoming familiar with numbers, and engaging in experiments and exploration. We also  learn the very basics of music literacy.   Kiddie Kollege (25)

Physically we grow through regular exercise and opportunities to use all of our muscles to develop our  bodies. We also know that physical movement helps our brains to function optimally, so we incorporate  movement in all our classes. Movement through music also helps in overall coordination and good  thinking processes.   

Socially we are learning to problem solve and building good character traits as we interact with our  friends and teachers. Playing music together helps gain a feeling of unity and cooperation.

Spiritually we learn that God loves us just as we are right now.  He is powerful and kept His promises to people long ago and still keeps them today. We also learn and practice the characteristics that God wants to see in our lives. Singing and making beautiful music is a gift from God. Throughout the entire curriculum we encourage development of good thinking habits in our preschoolers.  We do activities that make our thinking visible and use routines in our class discussions that prompt thinking on various levels.

Our Day

Class meets from 9:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. During that time the following will occur at different sequences and differing amounts:                                                

   Whole Group Time                         Kiddie Kollege (7)

   Small Group Time

   Snack Time & Restroom Break

   Free Play Time

   Closing Whole Group Time



Beginning in Fall of 2013 we added a 5-day preschool program for 3-year-olds. This program will be an extension of the current 2- and 3-day preschool programs. If your child attends 2 days, she will get the basics of the program. If she attends 3 days, she will get an additional class. If she attends 5 days, she will get the basics plus enhancement and reinforcement in all areas. Your child must be three (3) years old by September 1 to qualify for this class.